Frequently Asked Questions

Everything a driver or parker needs to know:

For Parkers - General Q&A's

How do I search for a parking spot on Parkey?

All you have to do is type the name or address of your destination into the search toolbar, which is located on the home page or at the top of each page across the website. Hit enter and we’ll show you a map with all available parking spots.

You can use the tools on the map to refine your search to make it easier to find a parking spot that meets your needs.

How do I book a space?
How do I pay for my spot?
How long can I book a spot for?
How do I find out more about a spot?
Can I book more than one space?
What happens with the $200 Security Deposit?
How do I return my Access Card?
How do I park a large vehicle?
What if I have a motorcycle?
Can I get more details or dimensions of a car space?
What is the Parker Protection Guarantee?
Can I view the car space before booking?
How do I collect the access card or key?
If I lose or damage my access card, what do I do?
Who do I contact if my access card doesn’t work?
Are Parkey’s prices GST inclusive?
What constitutes a Parkey day?
Can I Park 24 Hours A Day?
Where do you have parking available?
Can I add more than one licence plate to my booking?
Do I need a Parkey Account to make a booking?
I am going overseas for a period of time, so will not be using the car space. Can I place my booking on hold?
How do I amend the date or time of my booking?
How do I get a receipt?
Are there any additional costs?
There is a car parked in my space, what do I do/ who do I contact?
Can the price of my car space be changed during my booking?
What if I can’t find the Parking Spot?

Cancellations & Refunds

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your weekly booking at any time up to 24 hours before the start of your booking. To cancel your booking, please log in and head to your dashboard. From there, go to “Bookings” and click on the booking you’d like to cancel by clicking on the Parking Spot column. You can find the cancel button on the bottom of the page.

If your booking is within 24 hours, unfortunately you are unable to cancel your booking. Weekly bookings cannot be
cancelled once the start date has commenced.

Monthly bookings can be cancelled by giving one months’ notice. To give one months’ notice, contact us at

How can I return my access device?
What happens if the space owner cancels my booking?

Privacy & Safety

Does Parkey provide a contract for me to sign?

When you make a booking through Parkey, you agree to the terms and conditions in our Parker Agreement and Owner Agreement by checking the relevant boxes during the booking process

There's no contract to sign - but by checking these boxes, you're telling Parkey that you agree to all the procedures outlined in these documents.

Is the Parkey website secure?
Are my credit card and banking details secure?
How do you take payment and when will I be charged?
How can I access my invoices?


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