About Parkey

Stress-free parking begins today!  Parkey launches a revolutionary parking solution that connects savvy drivers seeking the most cost-effective parking with owners and corporate buliding owners looking to maximise their return on empty parking bays.

Parkey is the first in the industry to offer parking space owners the opportunity to list their space(s)  for free (without paying commission to Parkey) on its website for the first six months, placing 100% of the income in your pockets. Parkey manages the transaction from end to end for the Parkey customer, making it a seamless and stress-free experience.

An innovative platform has been designed with the commuter in mind, making it as easy to list as it is to book available spots in cities across Australia in just a few simple steps.

We have identified that a changing workforce requires a new parking solution.  Parking rates that previously were only offered to big companies who committed to year long leases, can now be accessed by those workers only requiring parking bays for a week or a month.


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